Climb Ethic

Performance and pleasure of climbing


We value performance and pleasure in climbing in our own way. We desire the intense satisfaction that rewards our success or the attainment of our objectives. We like to progress, to improve, to find our limits, to push them and (sometimes) to surpass them. We often like to climb new grades. Determined and perseverant, we also know how to fail and make sure that our attempts are a way to learn or a motivation to try more. Maintaining our level can also be enough. We love climbing much beyond performance and deeply appreciate the intrinsic pleasure of climbing. Climbing promotes a form of harmony between the body and the mind, an emotion for beauty, grace, flexibility, balance, rhythm, power or energy that can take us much beyond our imagination. Climbing is also a game, an art or an adventure. Each in his or her own way, we live an experience that commits us totally to ourselves and which is the mirror of ourselves.