Climb Ethic


The Book

The Book
This book, inspired by climbing and climbers, offers a closer look at each of the values outlined in the Charter. It is my hope that it will reach well beyond the climbing community, to athletes and sports officials, to my students and anyone else interested in ethics and values. Go !
Climb Ethic

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Value 11: Meeting the Olympic Spirit

Our Ethics as IFSC Officials (2019 Charter)

In 2019, Official Judges and Route-setters discussed their ethics in a workshop facilitated by...
Value 7: Risk and safety

The IFSC Ethics Commission (Principles)

Preamble In 2019, the IFSC ran a workshop on ethics with Judges and Route-Setters. During...
Value 6: Movement and beauty

Starting point of the Charter of Climbing Ethics

In April 2015, Marc Le Menestrel is invited by the International Federation of Sport...