Climb Ethic


Value 7: Risk and safety

Starting point of the Charter of Climbing Ethics

In April 2015, Marc Le Menestrel is invited by the International Federation of Sport...
Value 6: Movement and beauty

Illustrative Examples of the Charter of Climbing Ethics

In order to illustrate the practical usefulness of this charter, and in particular the raising...
Value 9: Climbing Gyms and Social Transformation

The IFSC Ethics Commission (Principles)

Preamble In 2019, the IFSC ran a workshop on ethics with Judges and Route-Setters. During...
Value 12: Inspiration, Inclusiveness and Openness of this Charter

Our Ethics as IFSC Officials (2019 Charter)

In 2019, Official Judges and Route-setters discussed their ethics in a workshop facilitated by...
Value 3: Nature and sustainability

Activity of the IFSC Ethics Commission 2020

This is the brief content of the 2020 report of the activities of the IFSC Ethics Commission to...