Climb Ethic

Nature and sustainability


We love nature. We are moved by the beauty of nature, of the rock, of the places, of the landscapes and the lines that inspire our climbing. The strength of nature and the power of verticality invite us to humility. We agree to adapt to nature rather than to force our way whatever the means. Through our lifestyle or travels, we like to explore and discover a nature whose creativity overcomes and surprises us. We have a personal endless responsibility to pay attention to where footpaths tread; where waste is recycled; where faeces are disposed of; what transport we use; where we park; whether access is regulated and, last but not least, to the needs of other flora, fauna and all future generations. We strive for climbing areas where the relationship between outdoor activities and nature conservation is mutually beneficial, not a one-way journey where nature gets exploited in the name of conquest or even human pleasure seeking. Climbing must develop our ecological consciousness.