Climb ethic


This website is a first attempt to share the charter of climbing ethics developped at the invitation of the IFSC (International Federation of Sport-Climbing) since Spring 2015.
This charter has been conceived and drafted following a process inclusive of climbers of all ages and levels, and from many different countries. Values such as Inspiration, Inclusiveness and Openness have presided to this process.
The website also includes articles explaining the intention, method and objectives of this initiative to promote ethics of climbing.
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  • Translators

    La Charte d’Ethique de l’Escalade a été traduite grâce aux contributions de :

    Eleanor Moore (Anglais)

    Kaddy Lehmann ; Lisa Zafoschnig (Allemand)

    Annaïck Le Menestrel (Espagnol)

    Laia Olivares Solina (Catalan)

    Eva Toschi (Italien)

    Naiyuan Zhou (Chinois)

    Anna Piunova (Russe)

    Charl de Villiers (Afrikaans)

    Nous accueillons volontiers des traducteurs motivés pour d’autres langues !

  • Starting point of the charter

    , by Marc Le Menestrel

    In April 2015, I was invited by the International Federation of Sport Climbing(IFSC) to lead an institutional initiative on Ethics within the IFSC governance activities but also within the Climbing Community. This mandate followed a decision at the IFSC Plenary Assembly in March 2015. (...)

  • Charter of Climbing Ethics

    Community and passion
    We the climbers are a community of passionate people. All over the world, whoever we are, we like to meet and share a passion which is much more than a sport. For each of us, in a personal and intimate manner, climbing is life.
    Freedom and diversity
    Climbers like to be (...)

  • Illustrative Examples

    In order to illustrate the practical usefulness of this charter, and in particular the raising of awareness about potential ethical risks, below are examples of typical ethical issues that tend to weaken climbing values, as collected from climbers in 2015-2016: Weakening of the values « (...)